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2011-06-08 13:57:36 by RyanHatesMilk

So after randomly (and undeservedly) appearing on the top of all time list, first with Pokemon BWAI 1, then the very next day with Pokemon BWAI2, I'm obviously going to make a third. I've still got a whole lot of unexplored stuff, and this next episode will introduce Team Rocket, as well as Misty. I'm currently just finishing the first draft of the script, then i'll be polishing it up, then recording.

I've been asked to do these news bits more often, so I will be doing, so you can thank ShadeOfGrey for that. Also, some dude in the reviews mentioned T-shirts. Good idea or bad idea, what do you guys reckon?

Check out this awesome red/blue battle music cover Burn7 has done.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /398724

It's like my childhood had babies with epicness. EPIC CHILD BABIES. Musical epic child babies.


2011-01-13 12:35:15 by RyanHatesMilk

Quick question Newgrounds.

Better? Or worse?

I feel like an optician.

With? Or Without?
Green? Or red?

I used to have this mega fit optician, she used to lean in real close to look at my peepers. Boobs the size of my head. Good times. Now i've got this old guy. He grunts.


Shiiiit people sure love pokemon. Thanks to everyone who watched it, voted it, reviewed it and enjoyed it! Thanks for the front page! Thanks for the daily feature!! Amazing!!

I'm totally making a second one!!