pokemon 3

2012-01-12 05:33:53 by RyanHatesMilk

Just to keep you internet warriors in the loop, I'm only about halfway through. Really struggling with this one, as i don't have as much time as I used to. I'm heavily debating hiring another animator if I do a fourth, because people want them, and i just can't deliver as fast as I'd like to. I've written enough material for a fourth... so, if anypnes interested... gimme a holla

That's what the kids say right? Holla?

Am I saying it right?


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2012-01-12 08:15:36

Someone here might be able to help you out, but you gotta go find them, they can't just come to you. Try the Animation forum on Newgrounds.


2012-01-12 17:55:29

A fourth sounds amazing.


2012-01-15 03:27:14

Sounds awesome; I eagerly await the future episodes!


2012-01-18 02:15:21

That sounds like a decent idea - hiring an additional animator - as long as they stay true to your character design. I can't wait for 3. Must have it now! I've been showing everyone who has the internet 1 & 2 and it always gets great reactions!

The tall grass bit was the best for all the viewers who played the original game... i'm thinking of making a ringtone out of the "AW FUCK" for my text messages. haha!

I'm a very lazy animator or i'd volunteer, however you should make T-Shirts, because i'd totally buy one.

RyanHatesMilk responds:

I've had a couple of offers, we'll have to see! I'll be doing all the drawing, so it shouldn't be too hard to do the animation, since it's pretty minimal really.

Cheers anyway bro.

I'm also very lazy, LAZY FIVE!
You're gonna have to come to me, I'm not coming over, I can't reach you, come over here... Ah forget it I can't be bothered any more.


2012-01-21 07:15:24

i'm an animator, but i dont have Flash or any decent programs
otherwise i'd love to help


2012-01-24 16:35:41

Damn right I'm interested!
I can't wait for more of your awesome work, man!
You are the very best!

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Thanks bud! I'm hoping that if I can get someone to help me out with pokemon, I can do some smaller, shorter animations myself as well, around the 1 minutes mark, but we'll see!


2012-02-05 02:24:51

i can do some shit animations for free


2012-02-05 14:44:10

Great things take great time :)


2012-02-26 09:52:12

lol you're so awesome. x)

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Haha I am slightly awesome... :D


2012-03-11 14:31:09

You r gifted for this. I hope you ll find the time and inspiration. Good luck!

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Gifted?? Thanks man! First time anyone's said that haha!


2012-03-16 01:18:05


RyanHatesMilk responds:

Hoping to have it done in 1-2 weeks. I'm VERY near the end now and I've booked a few days off work for activities. SO MANY ACTIVITIES. One last animation intensive scene and some fine tuning. Aiming for this weekend, but we'll see!