Smells like trouble! Make it double!

2011-06-11 17:53:32 by RyanHatesMilk

What's up internet cats?
3 things. 1 - First draft of Team Rocket.

2 - Thinking of improving the mouths slightly, new version on top, old version on the bottom. The lines need to be thicker, but this is just to give you an idea.

And 3 - I wuv you! (as a friend)
Let me know what you think!! (PLEASE)

Smells like trouble! Make it double!


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2011-06-11 19:54:10

meowth = hilarious haha

RyanHatesMilk responds:

haha thanks. Wait til you see my version of Koffing. Comedy gold I say!


2011-06-11 20:48:02

I Think That How The Mouth Is On Ep1-2 Makes It Funnier, But You Can Do Whatever.

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Good shout. 2 people have said so, i'm still undecided. But I think you might be right.


2011-06-12 00:39:16

I prefer keeping the mouth as it is.

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Yeah, i'm wondering if the simplistic mouths give it some of its charm.


2011-06-12 10:28:25

yeah, some improve isn't bad... just don't improve the art too much or the series will lose its appeal... also, I can't wait to see koffing!


2011-06-12 18:35:39

can't want for the new ep :) i prefer the current mouths. makes it look more comical. meowth looks funny too lol.


2011-06-13 20:18:10

I'd also stick with the old version mouths, but you're the author :) Great Series, keep it up. And nice improvement on the sound from Ep. 1 to Ep. 2.


2011-06-13 21:58:37

Old mouth is funnier. Looks like meowth has some brain damage. lol


2011-06-14 06:50:46

yeah the old mouth is better ,Meowth is looking funny good job


2011-06-15 03:24:00

I'll be happy as long as it hits the deadline. I don't see how improving the quality could hurt, as long as it doesn't become a Hollywood Production.


2011-06-16 16:09:12

The Brittish accents make it all lol


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2011-06-19 12:47:35

Like the old mouth, and the accurate portrayal of Jessie's ridiculously long hair.


2011-06-21 21:46:06

Old mouth>new mouth IMO


2011-06-23 17:10:10

why isntn there the freaken buisness animal


2011-06-23 17:10:25

i wiol cause spam one day


2011-06-23 17:10:37

i made a donkey


2011-06-24 15:35:02

Man your show is great. One of the few actually good pokemon parodies. Keep up the good work!


2011-07-02 09:29:05

Looks nice, dosen't matter though, just hoping you still keep the same humor in future videos.


2011-07-04 14:59:22

Make them look how you want man, you flashes are going to only improve.


2011-07-09 00:19:37

Better quality animation is great, but the second mouth creates a new element to the face (teeth) which changes the overall look of the character. That's probably why the old one seems more appealing, I guess. Perhaps you can use the red colour while excluding the teeth a bit or completely. Perhaps get rid of the bottom row or something.

But then again, It seemed more the writing and voices that made a proper impact in your cartoons. Also, you're the artist. People (including me) will love it either way.


2011-07-12 17:08:38

U wanna know wut I think!?@# ....I think this is good


2011-07-13 23:35:46



2011-07-18 16:58:36



2011-07-18 21:36:25

Are you done soon?


2011-07-21 12:35:21

you should leave the mouths the way they are cause its rhe simplicity that makes it funny and when yoou start getting to much details in the character, the viewer focuses more on the artwork rather than the comedy...i love the shows btw haha


2011-07-27 23:47:12

Number 3 taking a long time!!


2011-08-04 15:01:32

I actually prefer the old style mouths.... And I can't wait to hear what Team Rocket will sound like with British accents